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Student Competition


SDS-OneAPEX3 is a design workstation which supports various stages within the fashion supply chain from planning and design to production and even sales promotion. Its super-realistic simulation can be used for Virtual Sampling, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming sampling.

Entry Requirements

This competition is open to all final year undergraduate fashion and textiles students in the UK and Ireland. All applicants must have access to a SDS-One Apex3 design system.

The Brief

Start by researching current trends in knitwear and textiles, and ensure you have a clear understanding of current trends in terms of colours, yarns, patterns and structures.

Leading on from your initial research, set yourself a theme, create a colour palette and start working on design ideas, eventually creating a selection of virtual and real samples. We encourage you to mix processes and experiment with different knitting techniques and machinery. Also consider a potential end product.

It is necessary that you utilise your surroundings and experiment using the variety of equipment your university has to offer.
You are encouraged to be as creative and forward thinking as possible, using the Shima Seiki design system at all stages.

Be creative. Think unique.

All applicants must show evidence of the following:

  • Development of designs working from concept to final outcome.

  • CAD skills using one of Shima Seiki's design systems such as the SDS-One Apex3 with an innovative approach.

  • Excellent presentation and clarity of ideas.

  • Understanding of the designs universal appeal and potential in the commercial market.

As the project is being judged by successful businesses within the textiles industry, it is important to show that there is a commercial aspect to your designs. 

The Prize

Two weeks training at Shima Seiki Headquarters in Japan – all expenses paid.

There you will receive training on the latest SDS-One APEX3 design software, and have the opportunity to further develop aspects of your winning project.

Progress Review

We will come and see you at your University to review your progress. At this point, we would like you to give us a clear idea of what your project is about. We want to feel inspired and understand the story and influences behind your current ideas and designs.

We expect to see the following:

  • A written statement explaining your design ideas, inspiration, market potential end product (max. 500 words).
  • A3 or A2 design board containing your colour palette, key knits, inspirational imagery and virtual samples.
  • Sketchbook work showing your research and exploring your design concepts and final product development ideas.

Incorporated in the above, we expect to see some evidence of your use of the Shima Seiki design system SDS-One APEX3.

Final Submission

Your final submission will be judged by Shima Seiki Staff and leading members of knitting industry.

At this final stage you should have produced a large body of work which shows a concise and strong theme throughout. We want to see a collection of virtual samples alongside knitted swatches which encompasses all aspects of the project brief.

Your work should be mounted on a maximum of four boards, up to A2 size. We also encourage you to submit one extra piece of work, which does not have to be mounted on board. (For example a finished article or garment)

Judging Criteria - What we are looking for...

Work will be judged on originality, overall concept and the innovative use of Shima Seiki machinery, considering technique, yarns, materials and colour using both virtual and real sampling. Be intelligent with the use of the SDS-One Apex3 design software - this element is key!

Closing date for final submissions is the end of May. Work will not be considered after this date.

Applicants will be notified by email when the competition has concluded, and successful candidates will be notified in person at their University.

For further details please contact Martin Bowler 01332 814 770 or